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Dries' Amp Service

Repairs, Maintenance and Mods


How can I help you?

I'm specialized in Vintage Marshall / Fender guitar Tube amplifiers. Only on appointment, please contact me for more information. No Hifi please ! 

  • Repairs of Amps and Pedals

  • Periodic Service

  • Modifications to Amps and Pedals

  • Extensive Testing of your Tubes 

  • Builds on request

  • Tone Advise/Consulting


You are of course also welcome with any new amplifier (Fender Blues/Hot Rod Deluxe and Fender Deluxe Reverb or similar reissues are very common repairs here). We will always be open on the estimated costs with you before starting the repair.


If you were to be looking for a specific amplifier model

(for purchase), I can help you looking for it or grade potential candidates.

About Myself

Hello ! I am Dries Pottevijn, Master in electronics engineering and  Design engineer for Solodallas LLC/ Owner of Solodallas Europe BV.

As a side-job, I also work on amplifiers. More than a decade ago, I started buying/modding/servicing all kinds of amplifiers for my own personal use (which I still do today...). With more than 12 years of experience in this field, my  speciality are old Marshalls and Fenders. Of course, I service all kinds of guitar amplifiers. 

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