Angus Young - AC/DC effects rack

In 2014-2015 bouwde ik twee Solodallas Towers voor Angus Young van AC/DC. Dit zijn replica's van het audio-circuit van zijn oude Schaffer Vega draadloos gitaar systeem die hij in 1977 met de band kocht.


Het Schaffer Vega Diversity System (SVDS) was de eerste draadloos ooit gemaakt voor instrumenten, en had een heel speciale klank. Ook zat er in deze ontvangers een tot 30dB cleane boost, die de band al snel ontdekte om zo hun versterkers meer te laten oversturen.

Dit draadloos systeem (SVDS) is te horen op alle albums vanaf Powerage (Highway To Hell, Back In Black, For Those About to Rock ,...) tot het systeem is opgeborgen. Sindsdien klonk Angus nooit meer hetzelfde.

Voor het Rock or Bust album en de tour wou Angus graag zijn 'oude' klank terug. We hadden dan ook het geluk om bij hun optreden in Werchter even het materiaal te bezichtigen backstage. Links zie je Trace, Angus zijn technieker.

1967 Marshall Super Bass

Marshall 1967 Super Bass in all original condition. Pictured here on top of a 1971 Super Bass previously owned by Noel Redding (Jimi Hendrix Experience).

Both amps sounded very nice, but the 67 was something special.

1969 Marshall JMP restoratie 


This nice Marshall 'Bass' spec JMP from 1969 had been butchered before. Luckily the 'damage' was easy to revert. All the components were removed so the board and turrets would be cleaned.

These Marshall amps are great pedal platforms. Super nice cleans on lower volumes, and roaring Marshall tone when driven!

TW Express clone build 


This TW Express clone was built on request as close as possible to the original. Pacific transformers, same components, ..

The beautiful cabinet was hand-crafted by Fabian from FabGuitars, where we closely work together with. 

Vibroverb Brownface build



This Vibroverb brownface edition (with bias tremolo) was constructed using exactly the same method as the originals; eyelet boards, cloth wiring, ... With a lot of attention to super-neat wiring.

Marshall JCM900 'SLX'


The JCM900 had a tube failure which took out the grid resistor and a screen resistor. The filter caps also showed signs of bulging (will leak soon). All the screen resistors were upgraded and mounted on ceramic standoffs for optimal heat dissipation and stability.

After a new set of tubes and filter caps the amp was ready to blast! 80's rock machine!